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      Vacuum preloading construction technology of plastic drainage plate
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      A profile,

      The worksite is located in the pool area, total length of 2950 m. Groundwater is buried deeply 0 ~ 0.5 m, high soft soil water content, low bearing capacity. Need for foundation reinforcement. Local section of the design for plastic drainage belt, vacuum preloading foundation reinforcement measures. Plastic drainage plate spacing of 1.0 m, regular triangle arrangement, plastic drainage belt design 9.2 ~ 24.6 m long.

      The construction quality of plastic drainage plate, directly affect the vacuum preloading reinforcement depth and the effect of degree of consolidation, the subgrade stability and settlement after construction area matter, the following construction technical disclosure have been proposed based on the specific situation.

      Second, the preparing work before interpolation model

      1, plastic drainage plate material quality inspection, the factory must have a drain each certificate, test report, by the relevant testing unit verification qualified rear can use.

      2 the whole inspection, mechanical equipment, tower assembling and debugging, inspection.

      3, tower height of the driving machine, according to the work area interpolation model and determine the maximum depth of tower has a depth dimension measurement on marking, all needs to construction personnel and supervision on site measurement for approval.

      4, after vertical tower, should be to try 2 hole.

      Three, plastic board construction work

      1, according to the design requirements, the use of the theodolite, ruler. Release drain plate with hard plastic belt (30 cm wide and 1 cm long), in sand layer about 20 cm, with ShiBan a tag. According to the equilateral triangle arrangement, plate spacing of 1.0 m, error must not exceed 5 cm. Clear line sequence number and hole.

      2, driving machine to correct mobile positioning, install drain wear boots bolt. Driving machine operating as a member of the socket should be good control of the positioning, landing its error control within plus or minus 50 mm.

      3, inserted catheter to design under vertical depth, pay close attention to penetration, good control verticality, the deviation shall not be greater than 1.5%.

      4, the catheter to the top of the sand cushion layer above 50 cm, cutting drain control on the top of the sand cushion layer above the exposed length of not less than 30 cm.

      5, when the drain back to the belt length is more than 50 cm, must be next to the hole fill plug, until after passing to move the hole.

      Unit 6, recorder, detailing each root into the depth, inclination of plastic drainage plate, back and fill plug, etc., after being inserted hole hits, is strictly prohibited to do memory record.

      7, each drain after inserted to meet the design requirements, switching to the construction of the band drain. "Times New Roman" >, it must be near the hole fill plug, until after passing to move the hole.
      8, keep clear of in time after plugged up silt, and sand backfill material after plugged drain holes around.

      9, each section after completion of construction, plastic drainage plate should be self-checking, after waiting for self-inspection of qualified, again by supervision engineer acceptance, inspection unqualified shall promptly carry out repair, inspection, after inspection qualified can move to the next section.

      10, scope of the present construction DK177 + 370 ~ 530 in the fourth and fifth district. Level is higher than the original design of the range of 3.5 ~ 4.5 m. This section of the construction length 21 ~ 22 m range, the elevation and the elevation of the original design before construction contrast and increase the length were determined. Need to be extended for a record of construction must be done.

      11, plastic board to play before must divide DK177 + 370 ~ 530 the construction scope of clear, with row with white line.

      Fourth, construction matters needing attention

      1, strict protection of plastic drainage plate materials in good condition, hold the following should be mat wood planks, damp cloth, top with a plastic cover is good, in case of weathered.

      2, twisted, fault is strictly prohibited, tear drainage sheet of membranes.

      3, it is forbidden to another star short extension use of plastic drainage plate, (except the whole roll of plastic drainage plate have).

      4, plastic drainage plate on interruptions and drawing process, must be firmly plugged into light, prevent vibration and impact the pile deviation and the vertical deviation.

      Five, civilization construction

      1, all construction personnel must go through security after the training of qualified mount guard, various mechanical un-experienced operator must hold the relevant operating card mount guard. Enter the site must wear safety helmet, the work high above the fasten your seat belt.

      2, pay attention to environmental protection construction, shall not be intentionally destroy the ecological environment. With the local people unite as one, the construction to reduce their influence to a minimum.

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