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      Product plastic drainage plate is introduced
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      Plastic drainage plate (product introduction)
      The company specializing in the production of "red building" brand series products of plastic drainage plate, product specifications, model complete, can satisfy all kinds of soft soil foundation reinforcement, etc. The quality of the products by the national authoritative organization detect, the indicators are more than the national standards and engineering design technical requirements. Quality stability, and technical innovation in the first place in the same trade; And through the provincial technical appraisal. Products sold to domestic provinces and cities and abroad, by the user's welcome and praise. In a number of key projects by the construction unit (owners) as specified products.

      Our company adopts the international advanced PLC control variable frequency speed regulation, automatic production equipment, the domestic leading production technology and production technology, has a large quantity, the quality of high stability, low plastic core plate thickness even error, etc.

      Using high quality raw materials, using 100% pure polypropylene plastic core board (transparent/white) and high-quality polyester or long fiber hot-rolled non-woven membrane filter.
      Plastic core plate has a reasonable pitch. Tooth is smooth small resistance, the use of advanced technology formula, high tensile resistance to tear strength, toughness, good structure stability, low elongation, and anti-aging.

      Adopt high quality polyester or long fiber membrane filter non-woven material, hot-rolled, has a good performance of mechanics and hydraulics, high tensile strength, tearing strength, abrasion resistance, good drainage, warping plugging, apply to all kinds of clay.

      Reference to international advanced level of welding automation equipment and technology, welding method is used to wrap membrane filter core board replace domestic commonly used bonding. Welding method, welding method, the biggest advantage is beautiful, firm not degum, seamless, avoid soil particles from the sewed into the alveolar and plastic core board blocked drainage channel.

      Product specifications complete, the SH100 - type A, type B, C, D, can satisfy all kinds of complex geological and engineering design technical requirements. As used in the highway, railway subgrade, port yard, reclamation dam strengthening soft soil foundation treatment.

      Packaging for imported equipment, use the second roll combined plastic strapping, neat appearance, low cost and avoid membrane damage in the transportation, loading and unloading, volume 200 m - 250 - m long, roll diameter 1.00 m - 1.15 m, roll diameter 15 cm, 40 ft container load of 90.000 m

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