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      Compared with the traditional pebbles drainage plastic drainage plate
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      Plastic drainage plate, compared with the traditional pebbles drainage drainage belt
      Manufacturer of plastic drainage plate - rui building engineering to introduce you to drain = advantages compared with traditional pebbles drainage, hope that through our introduction to help you understand the drain.

      Waterproof performance: polyethylene (HDPE) material itself is a kind of very good waterproof and drainage board waterproof material. Through the adoption of reliable connection, make the waterproof and drainage board become a kind of very good auxiliary waterproof material.

      Protection protective: waterproof and drainage plate can effectively protect structures and the waterproof layer, and to resist all kinds of acid and alkali in the soil and plant thorn. In the basement exterior wall backfill soil, it can protect the buildings and the waterproof layer from damage.

      Sound insulation and ventilation moistureproof function: laboratory data showed that polyethylene (HDPE) waterproof and drainage water plate can effectively reduce indoor 14 decibels, 500 hz noise, has obvious noise reduction of sound insulation function. Waterproof guide water board on the ground or metope to use, also can have very good ventilation moistureproof effect.


      Compared with the traditional pebbles drainage plastic drainage plate
      1, have energy saving of the save Labour when the province, save investment, reduce the building load.
      2, good drainage effect, storage more advantageous north drought less rain area, good vegetation growth, reduce the maintenance cost of vegetation.
      3, drainage plate than pebbles and other requirements of the space is little, can effectively increase the depth of planting soil, create a better growth environment for the growth of vegetation.
      4, replace traditional drainage layer (pebbles, ceramsite drainage layer), make pore stilt floor drainage drainage into space, to achieve better drainage effect.

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