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      • Rui building engineering plastic drainage plate

        We have many years of experience in production of plastic drainage plate, drainage belt, the products are widely used in highway, airport runway, railway subgrade, wharf yard, reclamation dam, sewage treatment, ocean engineering and so on soft soil foundation reinforcement; We have involved in railway, highway, landfill, power plants, a golf course and marina, reclamation dam engineering construction, such as the "red building" brand drainage belt with its excellent quality and good reputation, products are sold to domestic provinces and cities and abroad, well received by the user's welcome and. In a number of key projects by the construction unit (owners) as specified products.
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      • RUIJIAN patent product of vacuum booster four-way hand form board

        Adhering to the "integrity, focus, innovation, win-win" spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with land or water soft package solution, in plastic drainage plate, plastic drainage belt, vacuum preloading, stack preloading, powder spraying pile and CFG pile and bagged sand drain has a mature experiences in soft foundation treatment,
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      • Product plastic drainage plate is introduced

        The company specializing in the production of "red building" brand series products of plastic drainage plate, product specifications, model complete, can satisfy all kinds of soft soil foundation reinforcement, etc. The quality of the products by the national authoritative organization detect, the indicators are more than the national standards and engineering design technical requirements.

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      • Vacuum preloading construction technology of plastic drainage plate

        The worksite is located in the pool area, total length of 2950 m. Groundwater is buried deeply 0 ~ 0.5 m, high soft soil water content, low bearing capacity. Need for foundation reinforcement. Local section of the design for plastic drainage belt, vacuum preloading foundation reinforcement measures. Plastic drainage plate spacing of 1.0 m, regular triangle arrangement, plastic drainage belt design 9.2 ~ 24.6 m long.

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      • Plastic drainage belt 2019 field construction work

        According to the design requirements, the use of the theodolite, ruler. Release drain plate with hard plastic belt (30 cm wide and 1 cm long), in sand layer about 20 cm, with ShiBan a tag. According to the equilateral triangle arrangement, plate spacing of 1.0 m, error must not exceed 5 cm. Clear line sequence number and hole.

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      • Wenzhou plastic drainage plate, plastic drainage plate, zhejiang Ryan drainage plate manufacturers

        Zhejiang province rui-an city rui building foundation engineering co., LTD., formerly ruian build geotechnical materials plant, was founded in 2003, is the foundation and foundation project specialized contracting national level 3 qualification enterprise

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