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      • Plastic drainage plate application range

        Products are widely used in highway, airport runway, railway subgrade, wharf yard, reclamation dam, sewage treatment, ocean engineering and so on soft soil foundation reinforcement; We have involved in railway, highway, landfill, power plants, a golf course and marina, reclamation dam engineering construction, such as the "red building" brand drainage belt with its excellent quality and good reputation, products are sold to domestic provinces and cities and abroad, well received by the user's welcome and.
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      • Plastic drain for soft soil subgrade&#39;s treatment are construction technology

        When using plastic drainage belt how to lay

        People in life are often due to drainage unobstructed problem affecting People's Daily life or serious obstacles to the normal travel of people, therefore, in the community or if you have good drainage system in the residence will affect the normal use of civil engineering construction cycle and structures, life in the past people mainly use brick tile as guide filter layer

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      • Winter construction to choose the right plastic drainage plate and the matters needing attention

        Winter construction, to choose the right plastic drainage plate, with the material of polypropylene as the main ingredient of plastic drainage plate, high hardness, flexibility, strong! For the construction industry in construction of the cold winter for is very bad both outdoor and indoor has great influence, the same about the construction of plastic drainage plate if temperature is too low in accordance with the requirements is not allowed
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      • To choose what kind of plastic drainage plate and trouble? Close watch over...

        Drain buy everybody knows shopping around is not a bad reason, is one kind of product can't tell good from bad, products which can stand comparison is able to attract eyeball. As even reasonable manufacturers

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